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Our Theme Song

IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference Theme Song
– “Change the World” –

Melody, lyrics: Helene Fung
Arrangement, Instrumentation: Malcolm Mah
Recording, Mixing: Malcolm Mah
Vocals: Helene Fung, Keegan Monteiro

Like our song?? Come check out our Official Promo Video by IEEE on ieee.tv: Global Humanitarian Technology Conference 2012.

Fully Lyrics:
We were born connected to the land
Through the land, we’re all connected to each other
Hand in hand, we can make this world a better place
Improving people’s lives
Our lives have been changed by technology
Tomorrow, the future will be brighter
Hand in hand, so many people will benefit
A new day has dawned for us
We have a duty (Put our minds together)
To help each other (We can travel all the way)
Through technology (and with liberty),
we can solve problems
We have a duty (Let our hearts beat as one)
Since we’re born to care for each other
Together, we can change the world
Together, we can change the world

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Welcome to IEEE GHTC Blog


Oct 21 – 24, 2012
Seattle, Washington, USA

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